Monday, 8 September 2014

So whats been going on??

So just what is going on??

Well to start with I am back on the art horse. Creating new ideas and new doodles. 

I have started using Instagram a lot more. Signed myself up to Tumblr....need a lot more practice on that....that's for sure. The last post I done before I stopped blogging was on lets carry on from there first. 

I moved on to create this nail design...

Its a butterfly design. It didn't take me very long as the design isn't really that complex. I again used normal acrylic paints for all the design. It did have purple wings...but once i applied the top coat that effected the colour. I have now marcked all the paints that change coloour when top coat is applied to them. As there is nothing worse than creating a complex design......that when you apply top coat to it ruins the design. Luckily with this design I didn't spend ages for it to just be ruined....pheww!

I didn't have a plan in my head as I done this design....was a paint as you go kind of thing. I started with a blue and purple gradient background. I personally like this idea. Makes the nail more appealing and unique. 

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Ta da

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