Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Now lets start the ball rolling......

So why nails.....

I honestly don't really know how to answer that question. I'm not a girly girl, I don't like all things glitter and girly. I don't do fashion or follow trends. I never have and thinking about it now......I don't think i ever will. I have never followed what others do.

So it was rather random the day I thought "Nails are very popular now days....maybe I should try." I brought some bits and started painting and trying new materials and testing different things. Well I soon learnt that even in this I couldn't go along with the norm. Where you see all these nail designs with some glitter, a brush stroke that arcs and then a jewel.....that wasn't enough for me. I found it boring and in the end I stopped painting nails.

Until.....I thought....lets do it my style. To which I thought lets paint what I would like to see on nails...not what I thought was popular or what others would want. Then I took the road of nerdy nails. Painting designs of the things I love and be inspired by the things that made me who I am. 

The comics I love, the characters I grew up with and games that I played for hours. 

I then painted Poison Ivy for Batman....a great love of mine. I was nervous as I knew it wasn't going to be how I saw it in my head.....or up to the high standard I stupidly seem to set myself but I though...stuff it lets give it a go anyway. This is the outcome...

Now I could go ahead and point out all the things wrong with this. I will only do the main one...the face....that face!! I'm no Leonardo da vinci thats for sure. mt main weakness of people are their faces and their hands....always been a problem area. Most of things I am happy with as it was my first ever painting of a person/character so small let alone on a nail. I like the white background and also feel that the black outline works well with this design. 

I thought what next....from comic to game..

Princess Peach from Mario. Now again...face is just an area I am not happy with. The lines of the black are not crisp and well who can doubt that her face doesn't look like it has been hit with a bag full of bricks....but practice and all that shabang that people say to try and make you feel less poopy. 

With both these nails I used acrylic paint. I did on princess peach use a glitter nail varnish to go around her to create a little shine as it was to dull.

I learnt that I need to be crisp with edging. Along with....practice faces!!!

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