Monday, 27 August 2012

Mixed Media

Hay guys

These are again college pieces I done for my FMP (Final Major Project).

I took Animation, sculpture, graphic design and fine art. These pieces below are from my sculpture class. I found it enjoyable. The making part and using different materials. One thing that I did not enjoy about art is that you have to show a process. You can't just think of and idea and go with it. You first have to test things. try little ideas and develop, always develop. I found it hard because I am the sort of person that come up with an idea straight away and can never seem to come up with other ideas that will be better than the first. My teachers would always tell me that I was not doing the design cycle, which is the idea and design process of how things are made. So they would down mark me on my work due to this. In the end I came up with an idea of making up fake ideas and putting the one idea I like in the research and design work. Even though I knew what one I was going to chose. After I done this my grades went up so I just went along with the idea.

This is a candelabra that I made in welding. 

I used sharpened nail ends as the candle holders. It was a bit fiddly to weld due to the small pieces

I used scrap metal that were shaped as X's, I done a corkscrew style twist to the stand. Also welded some bolts and screws to the bottom to create a unique base.

 These are wire and bin bag flowers. I first created the basic shape of petals using thick wire. I wrapped bin bags around the wire frame and used a heat gun to melt the plastic to the wire. I repeated the process and used a hot glue gun to arrange and secure the petals in place

 This was made before college, in 6th form pottery class. It is the first pottery item I have ever made. It took a little getting used to. The theme was seven deadly sins. I focused more on self masochism with this pieces. Looking at self harm etc.

I enjoyed making this piece because pottery is not normally something I would have done. I always enjoy trying new skills and see how they turn out. I hope that I get the opportunity in the future to do more.

Don't forget to put any feedback below as it will help a great deal. Always good to get other peoples point of view.

Bye for now x

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