Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Life drawing and observational pieces

Hay guys.

So today my pieces are again college work, these being some life drawing and also observational pieces.

This first piece was a live drawing piece. We were meant to simply draw they model that we had in front of us. I started off just doing that, but then my mind started to wonder and then this happened.

Materials used; ink, graphite, pencil and pen

                                                 Different life drawing sections placed together
                                                     Materials used; ink, pencil and graphite
                                                  First observational piece, piping arrangement
                             Materials used; pencil, graphite, charcoal, glue and news paper cuttings
                                                               Self observational piece
                                                Materials used; pencil, graphite and charcoal
                                                     Another observational piece of roots
                                                   Materials used; graphite and charcoal

                                        Negative observational piece of sticks, branches and bones
                             Materials used; graphite and used a rubber to erase and create the picture                  
                                                         Morphing observational piece
                                                        Materials used; colours pencil

                                                                    Multi media piece
                                   Materials used; news paper, magazines, glue and tissue paper

                                                      Photography turned into screen print
                                             Materials used; silk screen, printing ink and photo

                                                                Two layered screen prints
                                                  Materials used; printing ink and silk screen

I really enjoy doing life drawing and observational pieces. Every model/object is different and has its own challenging areas.

I hope you have enjoyed my work, don't forget to leave comments. Feedback is what this blog is all about

Bye for now x

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