Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First step


Hi my name is Lucinda.
So I  decided to start a blog. Not 100% on what I am doing, but I have some interests/hobbies that I thought would be interesting to share. 

My main thing is art. I love to draw, love animation and designing things.

I have many different art pieces that I have done over the years. I done A level art, then went onto doing art and design at college. I have done BTEC first diploma in art and design and a BTEC National Diploma in art and design. Over the period of 5 years doing art in college, I seemed to have lost my drive to do art. It felt like a chore and I stopped doing it. When I finished college and a few months down the line I picked up and pencil and suddenly found my passion for it again.

I guess the reason that I am starting a blog is for feedback. With art when you ask opinion of friends they seem to all just say, "its good, well done", but I feel that if I had honest feed back I could improve more. 

So over time I shall be posting various pieces of work that I have done and hope you like and and give feedback where you feel it is needed. 

I will start with an old piece and work forward. Like a time line if you will.

Anime girl


Another anime character
Thanks for reading. Hope to see you next time


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