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Where to start.....The internet is full of so many things on different areas of love life, sex, relationships, tricks, position and so many other things. I'm guessing that because most people don't openly talk about it in their day to day life or with their friends, that when they have a question they run to the internet and Google it.

I can honestly say sometimes I have done the same. Why....god knows. Why would I ever think that some stranger would have the answer to my problem.

A few things i discovered was just how much women mainly are hooked on the constant reassurance from other people again mainly women. Magazines are terrible for this, like the whole "Take this quiz to see if your man really loves you", "Ten top things to make a guy want you", "How to make him love you". Just take a minute really think this over.....a magazine....people you haven't met....sat in a room making up questions to form a quiz is going to tell you if your man really loves you.....where...where in gods name is the logic. There is none. Its media taking advantage of women's insecurities to earn money. 

Women these days for some reason compare their relationships to other people......are you the same as other people no.....then why would your relationship be the same. It wouldn't. People get so fixated on what something should be they don't see what they have. You could have the best relationship that works for you and your man. Happy as pie.....but if someone keeps saying he isn't doing this so he doesn't love you, or you guys are not doing it right etc you will eventually start to think something is wrong. You are taking that perfect something and breaking it yourself. 

I don't have a normal out look on relationships. I don't have the want or need of having someone. I just don't. That doesn't mean that I am wrong, that I am missing out on anything. It means it works for me, I am happy everyone around me is happy what else do I need. 

I get told many times different things like....I'm getting older I need to have kids before I am to old, you are lonely, you need someone. When someone says to me "you need someone" all I think is I really need someone, why is that. Suddenly a man will what make me happy I am already happy. feel loved....I already feel like that. Feel secure....nope already there. Seriously apart from sex....what will happen?? 

I am not saying I am against relationships I am just saying they don't work for everyone. My past I haven't had a stream of boys simply through me saying no to them. I see my friends with their partners and think awww they are happy....then next minute they are at each others throats, they are moaning about each other, they are making digs about each other and all I think is why? I don't miss that so why go back to it. Maybe when I am older it will appeal to me again. 
This is my own point of view and others may disagree, plus its from a female point of view....
So relationships......the key to a good one is something I always say... never EVER get with someone to be happy. Someone shouldn't be your everything, shouldn't be the reason you wake up every morning they should be an added bonus. You should be able to be happy on your own first. Think of it this get with someone to be happy, so really you are looking at them to make you happy. Think of just how much pressure you are putting on that person. So if you are not happy do you blame them. many people I know I have seen this and they honestly act like its their partners fault they are not happy. They think a relationship completes them. Its just because we are shown that every day in films and books. So first be happy on your own!!

Next would be women over think....god damn they over think. They take a message from a guy, they read it, they re read it, they think about it for hours they Google it in hope of finding an answer, like they are trying to crack a code. That needs to stop. Read the words and take them as they mean it and that's it. No reading into it at all. Unless you are flirting of course. Most guys really don't over think it like that. A message that you think is blunt and you take wrong is simply because you planned in your head what the reply should be and then you base what you think around what he said. You need to stop expecting things. Most guys hate texting or whatsapping anything really that means they have to type. If every I think they are being brash I mention it and they just say its because they hate messaging which is fine. As god knows how many times guys have been rude, blunt and brash to me on messaging seeming like they couldn't care if they spoke to me and then I seem them in person and they cant wait to hug me, talk and etc. Its simply these days a lack of communication. 

Another thing....don't nag. Don't bring up things from a year ago that have already been in an argument. Its just point scoring and it will just make him run a mile. 

Be the women that he wants to come home to. When he thinks of you be the reason to make him smile. Not because you pester him to do things. I could honestly go into this so much. Who knows maybe I will. 

I am not against women don't get me wrong, but I get on with guys a lot simply as friends and they tell me things like this, I ask questions and I learn by it. 

So next time you think I know lets do a quiz on our relationship as it would be "FUN", think again. If you get a bad reaction you will feel bad, you will question things and even moan at your fella maybe. All for nothing really

Bye for now x

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