Monday, 26 January 2015

My drawing of Heath Ledgers Joker

Why So Serious?

So its been a while since I last wrote anything really. I haven't really been on my laptop a lot. More of having my head in a book or in drawing really.

After a while I started getting back into drawing.

I didn't do as much nail art. I started to get my sketch book out and started doodling. Someone I knew had seen this image on my Facebook and asked to buy it......

I said I would draw him something new instead. His reply was the Joker. I asked if he wanted comic, animated or film joker and he replied with Heath Ledger as the joker. 

I looked at a few images of him and started to sketch away. This was the first ever commission I had done and wanted to get it right.

All I used was a mechanical pencil 0.7mm and that's all. 

  Here's the finished article finished and framed. 

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Ta Da xx

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