Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dragon Eye Nail Art

Dragon eye

From the last blog that I posted I thought I would try a different type of design. Unlike the other nails that I done I thought that I would create a design that was not out lined. When I paint the nails I do not have an idea in my head what I will do. I just pick up a paintbrush think of something and then start painting.

This was a result of one of those moments.

Using yellow as the base coat. Then adding orange to the tip and slowly working it up into the yellow, I created a gradient effect. Then using black I created a pupil in the middle of the nail. I chose to do a reptile pupil. Using a very fine brush and watered down orange acrylic I added a vein effect. I really like this design. mainly due to the fact that it is so simple but effective. I feel that it wouldn't have the same impact if it didn't have the orange gradient effect in the background.

tata for now x

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